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Yes, cows are coming to the Rodale Institute! We know a diversified farm is a healthy farm, and after years of building our soil and our research with cropping-systems only, it is time to invite grazing livestock back to the farm. This important work is one of the many ways in which we work to improve organic farming and food production. But we need your help.
Your membership makes possible new projects–like our dairy cow initiative– and ensures the continuation of our many other Rodale Institute initiatives in research, outreach and education.
Right now we’re preparing our fields to incorporate our neighboring farm’s dairy herd of 125 cows into our crop rotation.
Lean over the fence with our members-only newsletter to share in the progress of the herd and keep up-to-date on all the projects happening around the farm you’ve helped support.
Together we can:
Reveal the core benefits—environmental and economical—of an integrated crop and livestock rotation.
Share with farmers the benefits and best practices of incorporating grazing livestock back onto their land.
Spread the word by sharing our experiences and research findings with scientists, policy-makers, gardeners and consumers.
Secure the future of a healthy food supply.
Become a member today.
Our health depends upon it!